Entry #1

long time no see!

2013-06-24 21:46:41 by Daemonsword2

I'm sorry i haven't been uploading more songs i'm on college now and its killing me with projects and exams and college stuff but that doesn't mean i'm not going to keep posting more stuff. I have change my Youtube name to Steve Neon because of 2 things 1.that is my new name i wanna change my Newgrounds name but i cant .
2. I'm studying to become a DJ so when i start creating new songs that's my new name.

so that's basically whats new here so umm my metal songs yeah my band broke up but i still got some songs that are not finished so maybe i'll finish them myself and post them here. Another thing that's new is that i'm going to post electronic music from now on since my band broke up (because of girls problems -_-) i cant do those songs alone because i only have the guitar but is ok maybe i'll make songs with my guitar only since most of you like my solos :) , but yeah electronic music from now on . I hope you have a great day ! bye :D


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